Mothloop (aka Martin James) explores the boundaries between real world found organic sounds and electronic shapes. The first EP ‘Global Broadcast’ was a collaboration with UK artist Ultraviolence and finds Balinese Gamelan, monkey chant and Iranian chants stretched over brutal techno.

The second EP ‘Iranosphere’ is an ambient dub piece that draws on Koraan and fuses it with string motifs that swell to a stunning film-esque crescendo.

‘Clear Blue’, a collaboration with LA based beat scientist Atom Smasher was released on Synthetic in 1998.

Martin is just embarking on his third ep which will be an exploration of inner world and auditory bubbles as sonic experience. The ‘real’ sources are being drawn from randomised media sweeps.

MOTHLOOP – Collected (2000)

Iranosphere (Tehran Rising)
 Iranosphere (Tehran Dreaming)
 Iranosphere (Tehran Running)
 Global Broadcast (Ultraviolence Hip Mix)
 Global Broadcast (Ultraviolence Slide Mx)
 Global Broadcast (Spy V Mix)

Go to Last.FM to download Moothloop tracks free

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