General Seven Videos


Filmed in a disused church somewhere in Buckinghamshire. All I can recall now is the strange sensation of throwing a handful of cards in the air and an entire pack coming down on my head.

Love the performance by our tour manager Dick Meredith as the evil magician…


Filmed ‘live’ in the main hall of Sir William Borlase School in Marlow, Bucks. There was supposed to be an audience but the school stopped them coming in at the last minute due to insurance problems. Might also have something to do with the amount of times our lights blew the school’s circuits… And the fact that I was invited to leave that particular establishment before I’d passed any exams!

GENERAL SEVEN – Love Me for Emotion

Another from the Borlase session. Not much more to say really.

GENERAL SEVEN – General Seven

The a-side of our debut ‘double-A side’ single filmed live at the Greyhound in Fulham. This video was put together using footage filmed and put through the Fairlight Video effects generator as we performed. It was the first time ever that this technology had been used live and… it all seems quite quaint now. Incidentally, I much preferred the A side ‘Lunch with Isobel’, but I think I was alone on this.

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  1. Thanks for these videos i have tried tracking down the vinyl for years without success but at least these are available. Cheers and best wishes. Paul

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