Box Disciples


Wagnerian in density, drenched in the half light of Elgar’s heart of darkness,  Box Disciples rose  from  the disinterested ashes of High Wycombe pop rock  outfit  the Sweatbox Plan to sculpture a series  of  epic panoramas that captured the fierce melodrama fired by tequila, amphetamine and heartbreak.

Like a spiritual release, an epiphany that opened the doors to a period of stripped-to-the-bone emotion, these songs soundtrack a period of time that saw the band starting out like the last gang in town and finishing in absolute desolation – broken by unbridled despair, anger and a distrust that verged on psychotic.

The songs captured the essence of it all and wrapped it in religious imagery. They were outsider songs, odes to the darkside, sermons on loneliness. But above all they were love songs.

Born in Marlow and killed in Nottingham, The Box Disciples consisted of Martin James, Dick Meredith, Majid Hamill and Chris Watts. They only lasted for six months – during which time they enthralled all who experienced them.

BOX DISCIPLES – The BeautifulLosers (1987)

 Bay of Pigs
 Predator (Heartbreak Hotel)
 The Beautiful Losers
 The Long Walk

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