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“Mail Order Justice” is a stunning collection of snapshots, profound, emotional & abstract at the same time, and consists of deep, jazzy hip hop tracks blending electronics, vocals & live instruments, bound together by a compelling vision of our times. Sit down, shut off from the outside world and immerse yourself in the world of The Juryman.

WHO? IAN Simmonds, once of The Sandals, now a one-man jury who presides over all that is weird, wired and wonderful in the sonic universe. His EP’s on Orange Egg, Ninja Tune and his own ATL have been an essential flavour in any downtempo DJ brew over recent years. And if that’s not all he’s a particularly talented painter. photogapher, film maker and er, well you could say he’s putting the multi into media.

INGREDIENTS BEING? The album “Mail Order Justice” is a sound collision between our Ian and long lime pussyfooting sparring partner Spacer, aka Luke Gordon. It offers a touch of jazz, a flourish of dark ambience, a pinch of poetry and a whole heap of genius. Yes, the “G” word. “I’m just painting pictures with music really” explains Ian in typically modest form.

SECRET INGREDIENTS? A youth spent travelling the road with his hippy parents and a father who was himself a particularly fierce trmpeter of the big band circuit. lnevitabIy Ian was drawn to music, but not before a brief stint working to the Ministry of Defence and a disastrous exhibition of his (and other Sandals’) artwork in LA “The promoter stole our paintings and left us literally without any money. or anyway of getting home. We lived through some of the most extreme things at this time, things which people wouldn’t beIieve. There’s definitely a film in there somewhere. ”
WHEN TO EAT? ‘On an empty stomach, a wandering mind and looking up to the stars. ”

Martin James

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