SMILE 2010

Big names from the music industries came to Southampton Solent University on Friday 5 March 2010 to take part in the second annual Solent Music Industries Live Event(SMILE).

Through conversation, panels and performances, some of the industry’s top movers
and shakers shared their knowledge with students seeking to carve out a career in the music industry.

Guests included the top radio presenter, DJ and Bestival founder, Rob da Bank;
Jim Prime, a founder member of Deacon Blue; critically acclaimed author and
music journalist Gary Mulholland; award winning hip hop group, Foreign Beggars,
and the mesmerising Rodney ‘two guitar’ Branigan.

SMILE 2010 - Rob da Bank

Hampshire legend Rob da Bank inspired Solent students by revealing how he started one of the UK’s most successful festivals,
as well as becoming a leading radio presenter and DJ and running a record label and music publishing company.

Talking about SMILE 2010 Rob da Bank said:

“Coming back to my home town of Southampton for SMILE was a pleasure.
The whole day really inspired me with a really attentive audience and some cracking questions. I loved one band the Widowmaker so much I booked them
for Camp Bestival!”

A demo surgery featuring Mark Hobrough (1917 Promotions), Tony Thorpe (Moody Boyz, Studio Rockers), Nick Halkes (Incentive Records) and Steve Ager (freelance plugger) gave music students valuable feedback on their recordings and advice on how to get their music heard, while Foreign Beggars and Lauren Pritchard gave live performances and tips of the trade. In addition, Rodney Branigan – a Glastonbury favourite – showcased his extraordinary ability to play two guitars at the same time.

SMILE 2010

The annual SMILE event was first held in 2009 and seeks to inspire students thinking of going into the music industry. Organiser and Senior Lecturer in Popular Music Studies, Dr Martin James, said:

“We have built on the successes of last year with another stellar line up of guests to help unlock the music industries for our students. Solent’s music team are proud of our continuing links with industry and how these relationships support our students’ learning. Meeting music industry professionals will help to demystify these industries – helping students to seriously consider the world of music in their career plans,” he added.

Throughout the day students on the Popular Music Journalism course interviewed guests for a film of the event and for their own feature writing assignments. Guest quotes from these student interviews were subsequently used within the university’s own marketing materials.

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