Popular Music Journalism

Popular Music Journalism (Routledge) – FORTHCOMING

Working in the highly charged field of popular music journalism requires an understanding of a broad range of practical and theoretical approaches to the subject. This book will explore a variety of arguments and perspectives on the role of the music journalist and the wider popular music press within the cultural and operational contexts of popular music and its associated industries.

By exploring the roles of the journalist as freelance, member of an editorial team and a part of the editorial production process, readers will be introduced to the thinking skills required to recognise, source, research and write thoughtful, critical and well-crafted music features and reviews for print, online and broadcast outlets.

Furthermore the role of the music journalist within the music industries are investigated, paying close attention to the increasingly central role music media has taken in the promotion and distribution of music.

As with the rest of the music and media industries the world of the music journalist is in a process of being restructured. This book explores music magazine genre and markets through an exploration of the medium’s long history, its substantial impact on both the mainstream media and youth subcultures, and the shape it is taking in the content hungry, iPad environment.

Throughout the text the author will draw on interviews with leading figures working within the music press and, where relevant, internationally renowned musicians and figures from the music and media industries.

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