Moby: Replay – His Life and Times

Replay – His Life and Times (Illustrated with rare and unseen photos) draws from exclusive and lengthy interviews conducted over the last seven years with Moby himself.

In this definitive look at Moby’s remarkable life, every aspect of his seminal career is covered at length, from his much reported Christian, vegan, non-drinking, non-drug-taking stance to his subsequent metamorphosis into the hard-drinking party animal he is today.

Embracing skate punk to New York house, thrash metal to chilled ambience, soundtracks to downtempo blues, few artists have reflected the eclectic nature of our times quite like Moby.

From the first rave hits to the multi-million selling album Play, Moby’s music soundtracks every walk of life. Replay – His Life and Times is the first and only vision of his compelling climb to the top of the music charts and offers the inside take on the enigma behind that success.

About the Author: Martin James is a music and popular culture journalist who has enjoyed editorial positions at Muzik, Melody Maker and 7 Magazine. He has also contributed to The Independent, The Guardian, Mixmag and Select. Martin is an expert in the dance field and has also written State of Bass – Jungle the Story So Far and Prodigy – Adventures with the Voodoo Crew. He was Moby’s official record company biographer for the entire Play campaign and has known the star for almost a decade.


Moby: Replay Sein Leben und Schaffen, Hannibal Verlag, Höfen Österreich, Germany (2003)

Tutto, proprio tutto su Moby, Arcana, Rome, Italy. (2002)


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