Understanding the Music Industries book – out now


After what seems like an age the book I co-authored with Chris Anderton and Andrew Dubber is out now on Sage. What it’s about is pretty self explanatory really, but just in case  it’s not… here’s a bit from the blurb.

“This textbook presents a full overview of the many elements of the music industries, and offers a sustained focus on ‘understanding’ the processes that have driven and continue to drive the development of those industries. More than just an expose or ‘how to’ guide, this book gives students the tools to make sense of technological change, socio-cultural processes, and the constantly shifting music business environment.”
As with all books there is a back story to this one, some of which is best forgotten. Basically I was initially asked to be a part of the writing team as far back as my first day at Solent (July 2nd 2006) and over the course of the six years that have followed co-authors have either left the project to complete a PhD (nice), or to write a single authored version on a similar topic (frustrating); we even lost a publisher (it was a relief) and found another (much better suited) publisher in Sage.
Anyway, it’s out now… hope people enjoy it.
Click here to order a copy

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